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design your life

Designing the mind, creating the life & the higher mission...

Helping human beings uncover their individual creativity through the verbal & written word.

Or at the very least, help you refine your thinking.
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About this project

The work here is a project created in tandem with my professional design work mhood design. The goal here is to encourage thinking, positive inspiration, strength, connection, and pushing individuals to create their best selves through design, philosophy, mentoring, written words and materials.
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Written thoughts
Our blog and collection of articles, strategies, books and other tips dive deeper into the subject matter of of various categories and topics to help you think creatively from all angles. From philosophic concepts to physical tips, they all tie in together to help you create a better life experience through the written word.
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Materials Made

This section of work is dedicated to visual expression through various goods and materials for living, striving to deliver ideas that inspire, promotion of thought, and at times providing a healthy sense of comic relief.
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The worst questions are the ones never asked

Do you have any further questions on our mission, the programs, what this is all about or anything else? If so, please feel free to reach out. It all starts with a conversation.
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