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Design of mhood foundations ebook cover and guideline 1 from the Go Get it ebook
SECT 01 _ Where this all begAn
Black and white headshot of Matt Hood of mhood mind
A personal story
Hello, I’m Matt Hood, I am a professional designer and strategist who for the majority of my life struggled with defining my design and life's direction. I tripped and failed time and time again in my work and professional life and for the longest time couldn’t seem to get my mind together, or anything else within my life for that matter.

My mind and my life debilitated to a state of thinking and living by default not design, just going through the motions, and living on autopilot. Eventually this lack a purpose, direction and design in my life led to everything finally falling apart.
My Low Point
I hit a tremendous low point in my life; I lost my job, I lost my partner, lost all of my money and I had to move back home. I also began drinking more and more and dug myself deeper into self-destructive patterns, that only got worse. I felt horrible and thought this was how the entirety of my life was going to end up. It wasn’t until one night I was looking at a design project I was drudging through, and the answer to my problems hit me, what if I treat myself, my mind, and my life like a design project.
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Then it all changed
After implementing these processes and procedures I created into my life, I virtually removed all of my negative thinking and thought patterns, I feel at home being 100% true and authentic to myself and to the outside world, my mind, thinking, my confidence and belief in myself are as solid as a brick, and my personal creativity is sharper than ever.

After working through this process and uncovering my true self and personal power through design, I now own my own business, speak at conferences, and travel as much as possible, exploring life and all it has to offer. And I have not been happier.

Now, I want to give you two of the powerful items I used to literally re-design my mind and my life, for FREE, right now

SECT 02 _ The essential guidance to get going
Foundations eBook
The first item is my Foundations eBook, filled with ideas, tips and thinking to build the foundation to a better you and act as the bedrock for the rest of your life design. This book features 24 quick effective action items and ideas to design the life of your desire.
What to expect
  • Strengthen your life’s direction
  • Refine your character to get what you want out of life
  • Begin removing negative thinking and patterns
Foundations ebook cover with red cement block by mhood design
Go Get It Guideline
I am giving away the first (and arguably most powerful) guideline and tip straight from the eBook “Go Get It”. Once you implement this guideline and following tips in your life, everything will begin to change, rapidly.
What to expect
  • Re-gain your true personal power and creativity
  • Access the true power which is your unique individuality
  • Learn the truth behind what it really takes to lead an effective life
Paper stationery with guideline 1 from go get it ebook and a red army helmet
VIP access to our life design programs
Along with the FREE tip and eBook, you will receive VIP first access to my life design programs, (Releasing Summer 2021) where I will teach you all of my methods and processes, step by step, and action by action. This is the exact system I used to recreate my life and I am giving you first access to these life altering methodologies, ideas, and practices.
Book cover of Project Life Design by mhood mind with red background
What you will get from this program:
  • Achieve a champions mindset and high levels of self confidence
  • Remove all of your self-doubt, second-guessing, and constant indecision
  • Think like a designer; critically and creativity and begin creating your true life's potential
  • Eliminate procrastination from your life
  • Stop overthinking and jump into massive action and your true life
  • Harness all of your personal power and individuality
  • Change your thought patterns so they work for you instead of against you
  • Develop and build on YOUR personal strengths to become an unstoppable individual
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Imagine what you can do once you learn to design and master your life step by step
Your potential is limitless
  • Start the business you’ve been putting off
  • Have the supreme confidence to meet attract, and network with high-performance people
  • Develop the mental to take action and do things that make your soul sing
  • Start your 1-million-dollar side project
  • Finally create and become the ideal individual you have dreamed of becoming

I spent YEARS developing this process,  these programs and all of my material  through personal hardships and struggles

The wisest people learn from others mistakes and I want to show you the path to a life of purposeful design and experience. I believe in this work whole-heartedly and I want to share it because I know it can work for you too.

It all begins here
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    (Straight of out our Go Get It eBook)
  3. VIP Access to our life design programs on launch (Summer 2021 - we'll keep you tuned in)
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Collection of 3 ebooks foundations, go get it guideline, and project life design overlayed on top of one another from