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About The Book (Why It Was Written)

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Do you have the gnawing feeling that something is holding you back in life? 

Do you wake up feeling a sense of directionless and wondering where your life is headed? 

Do you feel  you know you could do more with your life, but are having a hard time taking any steps forward? 

Do you have lingering self-doubts and fears that are difficult to shake? 

If you want to get rid of all of this, keep reading

About The Book (Why It Was Written)

I wrote this book, because I (like most people) had issues with all of the above, and I had it all in a bad way. After I finally took the time to get myself together, that led me directly to creating this book.

Within this book, I am going to give you all of the tools, minus the decade of hard work I had to endure to learn everything that you are about to learn. You may then use all of the material and advice to create a life that you really desire. That means living up to your fullest power and eliminating all of the items holding you back.

And once you begin to implement the guidelines, you will begin seeing life changing results almost instantly! I've done it, and so have many others, now it's your turn to craft your ideal life with your own hands, and it begins here.
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What You Will Gain

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What The People Have To Say
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“Books that make you think a little deeper about the smallest of things are always a great read, but this book was something different than that. This book exceeded my expectations. I go back to re-read it every now and again, and it still has the same impact. I have been working on putting these guidelines to use and the results have been amazing in my professional and personal life. I can’t recommend it enough.”

– Allison H. - Washington D.C, MD
“The book has a friendly and direct tone, such that it feels as if you are engaging in a one-on-one conversation with the author. I felt like I was getting direct advice from someone who actually cared. Overall The writing and guidelines inspired me to take action, and go after what I want in my life, and I haven't looked back.”

– Alex B. - New York, NY
“I think many inspirational books may sound cliche or patronizing, so I was happy to learn this is not one of them. It’s smart, witty, and the writing is simple to absorb. The biggest guideline I worked on was “Maintaining My Inner Child” that I felt I lost long ago. Today, I feel like I have done a complete 180 and I still actively go back to the advice taught here."
– Karl R. - Charleston, SC
“A great book on guidelines for a better life.This is a self-help, motivational book that will get your gears turning. Once you get going, you won’t go back. Thank you!”

– Daniel B. - Philadelphia, PA
"Inspiring quotes, and new perspectives, the simple power of this book is understated. I have read it multiple times and after applying the guidelines my life began to shift dramatically, and I couldn’t be happier."

– Abbey G. - Boston, MA
"Before reading this I wasn't in the greatest place. But I took to what what said and written in this book and things finally began to change for me. I took the advice, and then acted toward it. Thank you!"

– Manny S. - San Diego, CA

Here’s what I mean.

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And I want you to continue to put in the work on a consistent basis.

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I’m so sure of this book that I don’t mind taking the risk.

Because I don’t want a shred of doubt to stop you from reaching your fullest potential.

One who harnesses all of their talents, abilities, and has the power to shifts their life creatively.

That being said, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

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At This Point, You Have a Big Decision to Make

Don’t be one of the people who passes up on opportunity yet again, only to continue dabbling in their lives. The tools are all here, you just need to be willing to pick them up and use them.
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