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Discover Your Limitless Human Creativity With 10 Simple Guidelines
If you're ready to remove your self-doubt, shift into your power, and access your highest human capabilities , and creative potential, READ ON.
From the desk of Matt Hood
November 22, 2021
11:33 AM

Before we get into the above subject matter, Let me begin by asking a few questions: 

Do you have the gnawing feeling that something is holding you back in life? 

Do you wake up feeling a sense of directionless and wondering where your life is headed? 

Do you feel  you know you could do more with your life, but are having a hard time taking any steps forward? 

Do you have lingering self-doubts and fears that are difficult to shake? 


What would you be doing if you could alleviate all of your self-doubt, worry, and fear? 

What would you be doing if you were living out your truest potential in life? 

What would you be doing if you were uninhibited, fearless, and harnesses your personal power and creativity?

Now, take a moment, sit back and think about these questions… 

If any of these are ringing a bell or are hitting any sort of pressure point, Read on.

You are the creator, whether you currently believe it or not
High School photo of Mhood with braces in a red collar shirt
Young 17 year old me, which the mental and attitude lasted for years

I am Matt Hood, founder and creative director at Mhood Mind.

An organization built around helping others access their power and creativity to create the lives of their dreams...(more on this later)

And this was me back in high school. 

Unsure of myself, lacking confidence, and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. 

This overall lack of purpose and poor attitude reflected in every single aspect of my life...

Which overall was not good.

It took a LONG TIME to break free from who I thought I was back then. 

Black and white photograph of man in white button up shirt for mhood mind
31 year old me, creating my own life and embracing my creativity and potential

But once I did, I hit my stride in life and never looked back.

I now run a creative branding and design business, travel the world, and have the time and flexibility to design my own schedule, Every day.

I would never have been able to do any of this if I continued to carry around the thoughts and perceptions that I used to.

I learned to re-engage with my natural creative power I had big ignoring for all of those years.

And this power lives in EVERY HUMAN BEING.

With that said,

I also had to work hard to find the tools that finally brought out my potential.

And this process took YEARS.

I know what it's like to feel out of harmony with yourself.

I know what it's like to be down and out in life (I've been there multiple times).

I know what low self-esteem is like,

I know what it's like to feel worthless,

And I know what its like to have these negatives eat away at your life...

...But I also know what it's like to turn it around,

To redesign your mind and create your thoughts,

To destroy all worry, self doubt, and any self defeating habits,

To embrace and then further design the person you are meant to be.

Again, I have been there, and I can relate.

And after I finally got my act together, I decided it was time to give something back.

I began to distill down all of the ideas and tips that helped me on my path,

Which led me to creating this ebook.

With this ebook and guidelines, I am going to give you all of the tools, minus the decade of hard work I had to endure.

To create a life that you really desire.

So I ask...

What would you do if you had the power and creativity to design your life in any way you wanted? (hint: you’ve had the power all along, you just forgot how to use it. More on this later)

In this ebook of guidelines, you are going to learn how to do just that.

And once you begin to implement the guidelines, you will begin seeing life changing results almost instantly!

Here are a few things you will learn from this eBook:

In Life, We All Need Coaches and Guidance

Maybe you're skeptical as of now to how this is going to work for you. I understand.

For the longest time, I was always skeptical of anyone trying to help.

The truth was, I didn't trust anyone...

Because I didn't trust myself.

And this pattern also took YEARS to finally break.

It wasn't until finally began to trust myself that things began to shift.

I started to trust others to help, and this led to me putting this material into practice for myself.

Again I understand, and I want to save you the time and the hassle that I had to go through to learn this stuff.

I kept all of this in mind when creating this ebook.

I wanted to distill down a decade worth of suffering, and learning by trial and error into an easy-to-read and powerful guide.

This book is the closest thing to having me as a personal coach whispering in your ear, and guiding you along the way to implement these guidelines.

But don't just take my word for it.

Here are a few of the people I have worked with, and their comments about the work:

I know you can become one of these people too...

Because...The truth is...


Anyone can design and create the life they want, and this is the absolute truth.

The only problem is, if you have any deep self doubt, this may likely keep you from taking the first step.

Again, I know because I have been there.

I was there for most of my life.

And unlike me, I want you to have enough courage to believe in yourself that you can make a change.

You need to be willing to trust yourself enough to want to improve.

You just need to be willing to take the first step.

And like anything else, once you begin the first step,

Everyone after that will be easier and easier.

Such will be you development and designing the life you want.


By taking that first step today, you will receive:

Get Your Sh*t Together eBook
$67 Value
The first (and arguably most powerful), the book of guidelines to help you redefine your life. Once you implement these guidelines in your life, everything will begin to change, rapidly.
What to expect
  • Strengthen your life’s direction and purpose
  • Refine your character to take what you want out of life
  • Remove your mental roadblocks to access your fullest potential
Red digital book cover with white and black text saying Get your sh*t together
Foundations eBook
$47 Value
The first item is my Foundations eBook, filled with ideas, tips and thinking to build the foundation to a better you and act as the bedrock for the rest of your life design. This book features 24 quick effective action items and ideas to design the life of your desire.
What to expect
  • Hard hitting tips on how to completely turn your life around
  • Re-think and redefine who you are as a creative human
  • Remove negative thinking and patterns to reveal your true self
Foundations ebook cover with red cement block by mhood design
Self Design: Designer Traits - Parts 1-3
$97 Value
This is the exact system I used to recreate my life and I am giving you a free glimpse into these life altering methodologies, ideas, and practices.
What to expect
  • Think like a designer; critically and creativity and begin to access your true life's potential
  • Expand YOUR personal strengths to become an unstoppable individual
  • Destroy worry, doubt and fear, and jump into massive action toward your highest potential
Foundations ebook cover with red cement block by mhood design

The ebook alone contains information and utility that is invaluable when applied,

Never mind the included bonus material. 

Can you put a price on completely changing your life for the best? 

It's too high to imagine, the appropriate number is PRICELESS.

But today,

I’m definitely not going to charge you $1,000.00....

I’m not going to charge you $500...

I’m not even going to charge you $200 dollars.

Or $100 for that matter...
Instead, if you decide to invest in The Get YourSh*t Together eBook today, you will get…

Thats a total value of $211 you will be getting for...


You're saving yourself $177 for material that can change your life

If you haven't made a decision to get the materials yet, what's stopping you?

Ask yourself: What am I losing here by NOT taking action? (maybe yet again) 

What am I losing by NOT utilizing something that could completely change my life? 

How many more times will I ignore a sign and guide to help? 

Don’t be one of the people who passes up on opportunity yet again, only to continue dabbling in their lives. 

Don’t be the person who spends another minute wondering what you could do if you maximized your efforts and potential. 

The tools are all here, you just need to be willing to pick them up and use them.

Gold starburst icon for a money back guarantee
The Get Your Sh*t Together eBundle is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Here’s what I mean.

Order The Get Your Sh*t Together eBook right now…

Read it on your phone, your tablet, or your PC.

When you do, I want you to practice the guidelines daily and FEEL the results.

I want you to FEEL the confidence brimming inside you.

I want you to FEEL your personal power and creativity coming to the surface.

And I want you to continue to put in the work on a consistent basis.

If within 30 days, you’re not feeling your personal power of creativity grow for any reason…

Or you’re not getting the results you want,

Send us a quick email to info@mhooddesign.com, and we’ll send you a full refund.

No questions asked.

I’m so sure of this book that I don’t mind taking the risk.

Because I don’t want a shred of doubt to stop you from reaching your fullest potential.

One who harnesses all of their talents, abilities, and has the power to shifts their life creatively.

That being said, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

At this point, you have an important decision to make

As in the book we go into deeper detail on the importance and power of making choices ...see page 16  

And how the one you will make right now will effect your life...

Right Now,
You can choose to close this page out and pretend like you never saw it. 

Going back to your everyday life while that burning itch for something more stabs at your stomach. 

You can continue to let opportunity and tools to design your life slip right by you… 

Only because you didn’t have the confidence to make a powerful decision… 

On other hand you can choose the other option… 

The best option for you and your life. 

The option and decision that will propel you forward. 

Taking action so you can begin on the path to building a life that YOU create. 

Harnessing your true character and finding your true, powerful potential...

…at the end of the day, the choice is yours. 

But just ask yourself: what would I do if I were living my highest potential? 

If this is something you want to create, Then here are the tools, and now is the time to make the decision.

You'll get all of this right now:

Thats a total value of $211 you will be getting for...


You're saving yourself $177 for material that can change your life.
Don't let this opportunity pass


P.S. This offer or opportunity may not be around for long.

Trust yourself today, make the first step.