How To Live Better: Stop Concerning Yourself With Garbage

March 31, 2021

The article could easily start and end here; STOP CONCERNING YOURSELF WITH GARBAGE (Or maybe even more appropriately put, stop concerning yourself with BULLSH*T. Though this alone would do the justice, it is important to break this down to give you a deeper understanding of what the bullshit is in its totality, and how to avoid it. Enjoy.

The Modern Open Floodgates of Information

The world we live in today is full of it, even more so than times past. The reason being is that the doors of information nowadays are much larger than 40 - 50 years ago, (even as recent as 10 - 20 years ago). 40 - 50 years ago, our primary sources of information came in the form of newspapers, magazines, and television. The television which grew in popularity over the years delivered you information in the form of traditional news and few talks shows etc. and has mutated since then.  

These sources connected us to events and happenings on amore local level, at the highest if you watched the larger news networks, you could learn more about what was going on in a national or international level(or what they told you was going on). Today, we have a new tool which changes the dynamic drastically, that tool is the internet. Its ability to connect people from across the world comes with great advantages and in contrast, great disadvantages.

This is the primary tool that opens up the doors of information and communication, and good and bad both flow in the same. That along with the popularity of reality tv shows which couldn’t be farther from reality, the majority of the things we have in the mainstream for consumption are on the whole not good.

Wasteful Activities

If these are any of the activities you actively participate in; Keeping up with the Kardashians, excessive media consumption in the form of social media, endlessly reading the traditional news, worrying of what others are doing; celebrities or people in general, scanning YouTube aimlessly for hours on end, looking at what everyone else is doing on Instagram and Facebook, having tweet wars with people over topics without actually doing anything about it, then you are an active participant in the garbage. And though you think it may be harmless, it has hidden detrimental effects that will show in time.

Everything you consume on a daily basis adds up. This takes on the rule of the compound effect, which states in so many words that what you do over time, slowly compounds and gains interest and a higher upward trajectory. Similar to the compound effect that happens when you invest in anIRA or investment portfolio and your money grows over time. And the same works for all of the garbage you consume; it adds up and builds on you over time.

 Watch Your Consumption

What you consume you will inevitably become. If you consume gossip news, shows and information about who said this to that person and this person is doing this that and the other, you will inevitably become that gossipy person worried about everyone else’s business. If you constantly search out people on the internet to picks fights with or force your opinion upon or like to play the comparison game with others, that is who you are.

On the other hand, you can choose to consume positive information that helps you grow mentally, build in your career, progress in your ability to teach others value, and to become a bright light of a human being. It is all out there. And the choice is yours on what to select and to consume.

This nor any of the material put out is necessarily meant to sway one way or another. The primary reason here is simply to think. Think, does this information help or inhibit me? Does this information help me get where I want to go? Am I truly learning something, or just mindlessly entertaining myself? Keep these questions in your mind, proceed with caution moving forward and remember beware the bullsh*t.

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