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1 : A conscious state of mind or predominant emotion : FEELING 2 : a prevailing attitude : DISPOSITION 3 : a distinctive atmosphere

The higher level direction of all of the work is to promote thought, inspiration, betterment and human connection through design, philosophy and creativity, no matter the medium in which the message is delivered.

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The work here is a project created in tandem with my professional design work mhood design. The goal here is to encourage thinking, positive inspiration, strength, connection, and pushing individuals to create their best selves through design, philosophy, mentoring, written words and materials.
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Message from the creator
Reflections and messaging of creativity

I am a creative, a designer, practitioner of the sweet science, blue collar philosopher, hard-knock psychologist, and overall human betterment enthusiast. I began this project as an alternative venture to my design work as I wanted to give something more back with my work and my creativity.

The idea, and the goal of this work is to air out ideas, subject matter, and experiences that have helped me succeed personally, professionally, personally, and in the mind between the ears.

The extent of the work is tailored around philosophical concepts, thoughts, observations, experiences, and ideas personally encountered, experienced and learned.

The goal is to share all of it in order to help other human beings grow, design themselves, and ultimately live out their true purpose and creativity, whether this be in their professional or personal lives (preferably both).

It is my hope you walk away from here learning something new, taking on a stronger life perspective, becoming healthier between the ears, or at the very least, with a healthy laugh. Keep in touch and I'll keep you posted.


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