Programs to refine your mind & design your life

Our life design sessions and programs are designed to help individuals bring out the best within themselves and their lives. The goal is to guide people to betterment by extracting their true potential, alleviate roadblocks in the form of negative thinking, habits and lifestyle so that they may find their personal power, creativity; uncovering their meaning and mission, and creating their lives.
The perfecting of oneself is the fundamental base for all progress and moral development.

– Confucius
BEgin here
What is needed on your end
Although these programs and engagements are designed to be powerful, impactful, and can change your entire life. But yourself, and the participants are going to have to be willing to meet at the 50 yard line. You need to be willing to put forth the effort to make this all come to fruition. If that is you, we will help you every step of the way.
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An Open Mind
Some of the ideas expressed may be new to you, so it is important to embrace the new to get rid of the old stuff that hasn’t been working.
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Willingness to Change
Once you begin implementing ideas and practices expressed, it is inevitable you will begin to change. You will be set on the path to continuous growth.
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Leave Your Ego Behind
There is no room for ego and nonsense (bullshit) here. The goal is to challenge yourself to be better. The only competition is with yourself. Period.
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Drive To Put in Work
The idea that the teacher doesn’t show up until the student is ready to learn applies here. Be willing to truly put in the time and the work. You will be glad you did.
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High impact solution to solve one of your highest sticking points in life. We create a custom program to design and roadmap to effectively solve your problem and implement any necessary steps to do so.
Good For:
This program will be open again for new sessions in May
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Speaking engagements are tailored toward your audience and are designed to be insightful, providing insight and uncovering human potential in creativity and philosophy.
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This program will be open again for new sessions in May
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It's your move, it's your life
The next step is up to you. If you want to cure yourself and design every aspect of your life, wait no further, begin today.
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How the process works
Intro quiz & call
A simple quiz followed by  a conversation to learn more about you, get acquainted, and see if we’re a good working fit.
Setup session
If we are a great fit we will setup your mentoring session or program that will be best for you.
Time to work
Simply a conversation to learn more about you, get acquainted, learn about the program and see if we’re a good working fit.
Start here to begin your placement test and we will go from here
it all begins here
What we do that makes the difference
Because there is a lot of good, and bad out there
Gurus & Other Coaches
  • Motivational = Hands off (loud noises)
  • Arbitrary steps or leaving it at think better
  • Makes you feel bad about your weaknesses
  • Try to make you something beside yourself
  • Minimal work and follow up after program ends
  • Many are simply marketers looking to make a buck
Mhood Life Design Programs
  • I work directly with you, one-on-one
  • Powerful, tangible, workable, actionable steps to improve
  • Work and expand on your personal strengths (Hint: that is where your power is)
  • Purposeful life design and follow up communication after programs
  • I have been in the mud and walked the path already and can help you walk yours (Yes, I used these techniques and processes to straighten out my own life)
What you will gain
What you will learn in these programs and sessions you can quickly begin implementing into your life. Here are some of the effects that will happen after going through our programs
Benefits of the programs
  • Strengthen your purpose and find your power
  • Rock solid confidence and self-esteem
  • Find your creative essence and unique style
  • Purposeful life design and follow up communication after programs
  • Eliminate your fears & anxieties
  • Attain unstoppable self-discipline and direction
  • Use your personal creativity to design your life and reap the benefits
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